June 2019 Newsletter – Happy Father’s Day!

Father’s Day is coming up and that means getting a gift for dad. We’ve gathered some unique gift ideas for the dads you might know. We hope you enjoy them!

The Gadget Dad

Flossing is so important, but regular old dental floss just won’t do for the cool dad. We think the Waterpik is a really cool alternative to traditional floss. This product has the ADA seal of acceptance and features 10 pressure settings and 7 flossing tips to make cleaning your teeth that much easier.

The Trendy Dad

We’ve all heard about whitening our teeth with charcoal by now. So why not pick up a jar of activated coconut charcoal powder for the dad who knows how popular this trend is? This powder is the best seller on Amazon and according to reviews, it really does work! Dad’ll be happy cause sparkling white teeth are always in style.

The Tech Savvy Dad

For the dad who’s better at his smartphone than you are sometimes, upgrade his electric toothbrush to the Oral B Genius 8000, a toothbrush with Bluetooth capability that tracks his brushing in an interactive app. It uses facial recognition and pressure sensors to make sure he’s getting the very best clean, and it has settings that allow him to customize everything from the LED colors to what dental goals he wants to set. This toothbrush is so cool, we even include it as a prize for the OKC Energy FC Fan of the Match!

The Overprotective Dad

Dad just wants to protect you from all the wrongs of the world – including nasty bacteria that could be lurking on your toothbrush. Give him the peace of mind knowing that his toothbrush is just as protected. This UV sanitizer comes with changeable liners to fit most toothbrushes – electric and manual, and is USB-rechargeable.

The Busy Dad

Dads can get busy. Between work and practice and errands, your dad is in the car a lot. Make sure he can have the comfort of a clean smile with these Scope Outlast minibrushes. They come in convenient carrying cases and don’t require any toothpaste or water, so he can stash them in the car when he’s on the go.

The Eco-friendly Dad

We suggest bamboo toothbrushes for the dude who wants to be environmentally responsible! The bristles are soft and won’t damage gums or enamel and the charcoal in them help eliminate bad breath. Bamboo is naturally antimicrobial, meaning he won’t have to worry about bacteria growing on the handle! All of the packaging is biodegradable, and a 4 pack of toothbrushes means that dad won’t have to get another set until next year! In addition to being eco-friendly, these brushes are cruelty-free and vegan.

Another eco-friendly option to consider is an innovative manual toothbrush called Source, made by Radius, a woman-owned, family-run company. They use bio-plastics to reduce waste by 93%. It has an extra wide brush head and soft bristles to help distribute the pressure of your brushing. The heads are recyclable and can be swapped out so he doesn’t have to throw away his handle just because it’s time to change bristles.

And there you have it! There’s plenty of time left to order a gift for your dad and rest assured that dental care is a gift that keeps on giving. Good oral health will help keep him healthy and smiling well through Father’s Day.

From all of us here at Dr. Burton’s dental office we would like to wish all of the dad’s a very Happy Father’s Day!