Dental Implants

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We use a versatile range of implants, suited to every indication you could encounter and all designed to deliver Beautiful Teeth Now™.  To see more examples of how our work can change your whole appearance, view our smile gallery.

Dental Implant Reconstruction Examples

Before Dental Implants and Porcelain Veneers - After Dental Implants and Porcelain Veneers

Before Dental Implants and Porcelain Veneers     After Dental Implants and Porcelain Veneers

“I thought I would share my implant story for anyone who is contemplating having a tooth implant. I am 50 years old and for most of my life have had very healthy teeth with no significant dental issues. I didn’t have a cavity until I was over 30 and after that, only a small handful of minor cavities and filling work done in the following 20 years. No crowns, no bridges, no implants, nothing. I have always thought I would have my teeth for the remainder of my life (one of the few things I thought I could count on), so imagine my surprise when I started having some pain in my upper front tooth. The pain lasted for a month, but eventually passed and so I assumed it was fine. By the time my next dental check up with Dr. Burton came around, the damage was done. With the help of an x-ray, I discovered I had a large hole in the back of my tooth and that the root had died. It turns out I had something called resorption, (which after talking with Dr. Burton and doing some internet research, I learned is when the body starts to re-absorb the tooth, essentially dissolving it). I was quite distraught at the thought of loosing my prominent front tooth. I had these visions of walking around with a big gap in my teeth or having some miss-shaped, off colored false tooth that would be only too obvious to everyone that I had lost a tooth.” >>Read the rest of Barry’s story>>

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