Easy Payment Plans

Oak Tree / Lake

The office of Rodney P. Burton, DDS has a variety of financing options available, including very affordable no-interest payment plans and credit cards.  Following your free consultation, we will provide you a plan that describes in detail how much our treatment will cost, and how long it will take; it will also describe the various payment options available to you.  If you’re not happy with the plan that we present, you will be under no further obligation whatsoever.

The payment options listed below are available to you to help make your treatments a reality.

Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is a complex area. We accept most PPO insurance plans. We can help you determine the extent to which your Dental Insurance may cover your dental procedures.

Credit Cards

We accept Visa and Master Card credit cards. This is especially great for people with credit cards which accumulate frequent flyer miles.

Patient Financing

We have a 12 month no-interest patient financing plan available through Care Credit. Contact our office for more details.

Flexible Spending Accounts

Many companies have implemented benefit options that make elective treatments an affordable alternative. These insurance programs are referred to as Flex Spending Plans, Health Spending Accounts or any other employer/employee reimbursement plans.

Under these plans, you are allowed to withhold a defined amount of Pretax Dollars through Payroll Deduction to pay for a variety of expenses not covered by insurance. When employees use tax-free dollars to pay for these expenses, they can realize an increase in their spending power, and substantial tax savings (up to 50%).

Please contact your Human Resources department at your place of employment  for more details.

Tax Deduction Benefits

The IRS permits taxpayers to deduct medical and dental expenses from their annual incomes. Dental care which “meaningfully promotes the proper function of the body”, qualifies as a deductible expense according to the IRS.