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Our goal is to provide you with the most esthetic result possible that takes into account tooth preservation and best long term results. Any treatment can look good at first but how long will it last? Cosmetic dentistry does have to be replaced, so treat as few teeth as possible with as little tooth preparation as possible. You will notice many of our cases are done with 1-4 veneers. You do not need to have 20 veneers to achieve a successful treatment result.

Dr. Burton 8 Veneers

8 veneers, 8 crowns the back teeth are his original porcelain fused to metal crowns that show the dark margin.

Dr. Burton 5 Veneers

This is a completely non prep case. 5 teeth were completed with veneers to replace the worn teeth. I personally think we should have replaced the one existing crown but we can always go back and do that.

Dr. Burton Reshaping Gum Tissue

Example of a combination of reshaping the gum tissue and veneers to give the illusion of a lateral incisor in the position of the canine tooth. Note: patient was missing lateral incisors and the canine was moved orthodontically to close the space. Our practice does not advise the closure of missing teeth spaces since this can have an impact on arch width and facial profile. It is usually preferred to place an implant in the missing tooth position, which would have avoided the veneer placement. Eight veneers were placed in this case.

Dr. Burton Veeners to close gap

Example of a veneer case to close spaces and correct a misaligned bite. We believe the best treatment is to correct the bite orthodontically first and then place veneers. This will allow a much more conservative tooth preparation and a more long term result. Eight veneers were placed in this case.

Dr. Burton Veneers and minor gum reshaping

Example of veneers and minor gum reshaping to reshape a lateral incisor that is too small. This is an excellent use for veneers. Two veneers were placed in this case. Note the gum tissue has not completely healed.

Dr. Burton Veneers front teeth discolored

Example of veneers to correct the front four teeth that were misaligned and discolored. This case was accomplished with minimal preparation on the two centrals and no preparation on the laterals. Four veneers were placed in this case.

Dr. Burton Smile Makeover

This is one of my favorite cases. Look at the difference in the smile and the facial profile in the final result. This is like plastic surgery from the inside.

Dr. Burton No Prep Veneers

Example of no preparation veneers. Commonly referred to as Lumineers. Note the difference in esthetics between the new front teeth and the older crowns that had metal in them. The patient is going to have more treatment completed but were are doing it in phases. The lower teeth can be whitened until she is ready to have the veneers placed there. Eight veneers were placed in this case with no preparation.

Dr. Burton Minimal Prep Veneers

Example of minimal preparation and no preparation. The two front teeth were shortened only. The laterals had minimal preparation. Four veneers were placed in this case combined with tooth whitening.
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Dr. Burton Veener to correct dark tooth

Example of a single veneer to correct a dark tooth. Due to the position of the dark tooth we were able to complete the case with no tooth preparation. There is some show through in the final result but the patient preferred no tooth preparation. One veneer was placed in this case.

Dr. Burton Instant Ortho

Example of what is known as an instant ortho case. Our office treats these cases but caution that this is not the ideal treatment. Orthodontic treatment prior to cosmetic treatment is always preferable. Four all porcelain crowns were placed in this case.

Dr. Burton Replace Broken Bond

Example of a single veneer to replace a broken bonded tooth. One veneer was placed in this case.

Dr. Burton Six Veneers

Example of a comprehensive orthodontic and cosmetic treatment. Six veneers, one porcelain fused to metal bridge, and two all ceramic crowns were used.