February 2019 Newsletter – Valentine’s Day Dental Tips

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we would like to remind our patients to be extra careful when choosing their treats! We understand that you’re probably looking forward to spending some quality time with your sweetie, but don’t forget to show your teeth some love as well!

Here are a few helpful tips for avoiding tooth decay and making sure your teeth truly shine when you step out on the town with your date:

·         Avoiding Bad Breath: While bad breath can be a common symptom of a great meal, it’s probably not that appealing to the person you’re sharing it with. Keep some floss in your pocket so that you can quickly get rid of food particles and pesky bacteria in the bathroom; then, pop in a mint to give your smile a fresh, appealing feel.

·         Not All Chocolate Is Considered The Same: If you are buying sweets or chocolates on the big day, solid chocolate (the ones without chewy or sugary centers) don’t tend to stick to the teeth like more chewy treats too, making them better for your oral health.

·         Kiss More When you kiss someone it stimulates saliva in your mouth which breaks down plaque and washes bacteria away. This means that kissing can help prevent cavities!

·         Valentine’s Dental Gift: Looking to surprise your sweetheart? Teeth whitening may be just the gift your smile needs to look its very best!