January 2019 Newsletter – Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year to our dental family!

We hope that 2019 will be your best year yet!

One of the best New Year’s resolutions you can make for this year, and for the rest of your life, is taking care of your mouth.

Did you know that research shows that the more you smile, the longer you live? Smiling has also been proven to improve happiness, salary, marriage, self-confidence, and longevity.

What’s the best way to smile more, you may ask?

Consider the following:

  •   Smiling is contagious. If you smile, others smile, even if they don’t want to, as we’ve found from many studies.
  • Smiling can immediately improve your mood. Just think how resilient this will make you as you work towards your other New Year’s resolutions.
  • Smiling causes production of endorphins, which are the same chemical produced by exercise. Endorphins boost your immune system, relieve stress, and lower your blood pressure.

You can reap all of the benefits above by flossing daily, brushing after each meal, and making an appointment to see your dentist in the new year.

If you have insurance benefits, now is the time to plan out your dental year! By doing this, you will be able to help keep your out of pocket expenses low. Fell free to call our office to find out how to go about making your dental plan, we would be more than happy to help you!