The Best Technology is waiting at the Thousand Oaks Cosmetic Dentist

Your Thousand Oaks Dentist has the ability to make subtle changes to your teeth and gums, or major repairs. The best Cosmetic Dentist in Thousand Oaks is dedicated to making your smile as beautiful as possible with the latest technology that can replace, repair, or recolor your teeth. Your Dentist in Thousand Oaks can even alter the length and shape of your teeth. Some of the procedures that your Thousand Oaks Dentist may consider would be veneers, contouring, implants, whitening, crowns, or bonding.

When you have Cosmetic Dentistry in Thousand Oaks, your smile will be a million times better, but some of the Cosmetic Dentistry procedures performed by Dr. Rodney Burton may even improve your overall oral health, including your bite.

Schedule a complimentary smile check up with the only Cosmetic Dentist in Thousand Oaks who will assess your gums, teeth, and bite. During your appointment, Dr. Burton will offer you several procedures such as crack and chip refilling, gum reshaping, whitening and bonding.

The best Thousand Oaks Cosmetic Dentist will use technology that enables you to see what the effects of the procedures that you are considering will look like. By taking a picture of your smile the way it is now, your Cosmetic Dentist in Thousand Oaks can place it over a computer monitor using a program that will simulate how the procedures will look once your Cosmetic Dentistry in Thousand Oaks is complete. With the help of Dr. Burton and his team of skilled Cosmetic Dentistry assistants, you can get a good idea of how your smile will look once you have completed your Cosmetic Dentistry in Thousand Oaks. During your examination, Dr. Burton will be able to determine if you are a good candidate for veneers, whitening, crowns, implants or tooth colored fillings.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Thousand Oaks will not only improve your smile, but can work wonders on your self-esteem. Schedule a free smile check-up with Oaks Smile and the Conejo Valley Dental Institute today. Your smile is just a phone call away when you make an appointment with Dr. Burton and Oaks Smile.